Translation, Certified Translations and Subtitling
Maria Roussou
Sworn Translator, MITI
Translation, Certified Translations and Subtitling
Greek, English and Spanish
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Many people have a knowledge of at least one language besides their mother tongue. Being fluent in two languages, though, is not enough to be able to translate a document to a high standard. It requires a much deeper understanding of aspects such as meaning, grammar, syntax, spelling, terminology research and many more.

Rest assured: I can do all that for you, and you won’t have to worry about a single thing. I guarantee that the result will meet and exceed your expectations.

My goal is to create a translation of your text that reads and sounds natural, as if it was originally written in your chosen target language. I take all the factors into consideration, so that not only the meaning is transferred, but also the style and the level of formality. The text will undergo thorough proofreading and editing to ensure that the spelling, grammar and syntax are impeccable. I go out of my way to deliver all of the above within your requested deadline.

When my clients are happy, I’m happy. I am fully committed to every single project I am assigned to and I will do my absolute best to provide you with the highest quality service.



I can provide translation services for the following language combinations:

English to Greek & Spanish to Greek.

Greek to English & Greek to Spanish*.

*My quotation will include revision by a native editor of the target language to ensure that the final text sounds completely natural. I work with carefully selected and trusted colleagues to do this.

I have experience of diverse types of text. I can help you with texts such as certificates, articles, books, websites, and many more. I will respect the formatting of your text and will produce it to your specified layout. I also know my way around HTML tags, if needed.

I specialise in the translation of any text that falls into the following categories:

  • Parliamentary Affairs
  • Legislation
  • Politics
  • International Affairs & organisations
  • EU matters

I also have an interest in the following:

  • Cooking & Nutrition
  • Literature
  • Media
  • Tourism & Travel
  • Fashion

I can also translate any type of general text that does not require specialised terminology.

The price you will be quoted depends on several factors: deadline, subject of the text, formatting, language combination, etc. I will be happy to provide a quotation tailored to your project’s requirements. For quotation purposes, it would help if you could send me the text you would like me to translate, or at least a representative sample.


I work with the latest technology in computer assisted translation, the most widely-used software by translation professionals, which helps me ensure the consistency and the highest level of quality of translation of your document.




Law no. 45(Ι)/2019, published in the Official Government Gazette on March 27, 2019 introduced a new system for certified translations. After July 1st 2019, certified translations can only be carried out by a Sworn Translator listed in the relevant Register. The system for certified translations offered by the Government’s Press and Information Office is no longer in operation.


I offer certified translation services in the following language combinations:


Please note that in case you need a certified translation from English to Spanish or from Spanish to English, I am obliged by law to translate it into Greek first and then into your desired target language. The corresponding charges for each language combination will burden the client.

Certified translations can be accepted by the court and the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus.

For any other information regarding certified translations, feel free to contact me.


The pricing for certified translations is set by the Sworn Translators Register Board in a detailed list showing indicative prices, and in which maximum prices are set. The list is published annually in the Official Government Gazette.



I offer subtitling services, for the following language combinations:

English to Greek & Spanish to Greek.

I can subtitle any audiovisual material: Feature films, TV series, TV shows, documentaries, etc.

Please specify any preferences you may have concerning limitations in time, number of characters, or any other settings you would like me to adjust.

My rate varies depending on several factors, including availability of the script, deadline and type of audiovisual material. I would be happy to provide you with a quotation tailored to your project.

I have worked with many subtitling programs throughout the years and I adapt quite easily to any new program I am presented to. If you do not have any special preference on the subtitling software, I will use my own and at the time of delivery you will be sent a .srt file, containing the subtitles of your video.






I hold a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature (University of Cyprus, 2001) and a Postgraduate Diploma (Diploma de Estudios Avanzados) in Translation Studies (Universidad de Granada, Spain, 2003).


I have been a professional freelance translator since 2005, having worked with direct clients (private and public sector) and agencies. I currently have an ongoing collaboration with translation and subtitling agencies located in Europe and the USA. I have translated a wide range of texts in all my language combinations. Some of them include court decisions, certificates, press releases, minutes, affidavits, etc.

I started working professionally as a freelance subtitler in 2007. I collaborated with a private TV channel in Cyprus (LTV) for seven years and after that I started working with major international or local subtitling agencies/media companies and I continue to do so until today. I have subtitled almost all kinds of audiovisual material, including feature films, TV series, TV shows, documentaries, etc. My subtitles have been featured in well-known channels, streaming media platforms, DVD and Blu-ray.


On June 22nd, 2019 I took the SWORN TRANSLATOR oath, a title introduced by Law no. 45(Ι)/2019. The law established a new system of certified translations, which can only be carried out by sworn translators listed in the relevant Register.



I am a Qualified Member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (UK). Both Translate MoRe and I as an individual follow the ITI Code of Professional Conduct and Business Practices.

ISO 17100:2015 Translation services


I have been certified by the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI, UK) with the International Standard of ISO 17100:2015 for Translation services.

ISO 17100:2015 provides requirements for the core processes, resources, and other aspects necessary for the delivery of a quality translation service. It is the internationally recognised standard for translation services and was created to respond to the market need for a universally accepted translating benchmark. It sets standards for achieving quality by following the translation process steps it defines.

SUBTLE – The Subtitlers’ Association

I am a professional member of Subtle, an association formed by professional subtitlers to promote a high quality in subtitling and maintain professional standards within the industry.


I strongly believe in continuous learning and professional development. I take short courses whenever I can to improve my professional and personal skills. Continuous development means constant improvement, which in turn means even higher quality translation, my ultimate goal.


I am a volunteer and supporter of Translators without Borders. During the refugee crisis I participated for over a year as an active member of the Greek Rapid Response Team, donating translations daily and achieving the Platinum Status of the Rapid Response Volunteers, the highest one in the ranking, which came after contributing over 121 hours of translating for the specific cause.

Translators without Borders are in constant need of new volunteers, and not just translators! If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, here are the application forms for you to fill in and send:

I am a member of the TED team of volunteer translators, producing Greek subtitles for TED talks.